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God is returning the church to the dignity of its foundations. What are needed are churches that will go back to their spiritual roots - the Bible. There we find that each church was a launching pad to win the world - supporting itself, disciplining, training, equipping, and releasing workers into the world. Many think of the church as a dead institution or a meaningless relic, years behind the times. We believe the church is the Bride of Christ, the depository of Gods glory and the pillar and ground of truth. It is the most vital Institution on Planet Earth History revolves around the visible body of Christ. Jesus is showing us the keys to releasing His church.


The Bible is the guidebook of the Christian life and preaching is Gods method of bringing it to the hearts of God's people. We believe that honest, direct and anointed preaching has always been used by God to shake the nations. In an age of low commitment, many seek to hear a watered-down message, but it is our firm belief that God is raising up a people hungry for the meat of the word. That is why our order of worship is centered around the preaching of the gospel.

Evangelism: Jesus has never rescinded the command "Go ye into the all the world and preach the gospel". The fulfilling of this command brings great spiritual health. The power of the Holy Spirit is brought to bear in order to accomplish the command, and joy is released in those who obey. While many churches only talk about winning the lost. Our primary goal is to lead men and women to Jesus; the churches of the Fellowship put the frills of modern Christianity second to the needs of the hour. The result of obedience to this command is that God is glorified and honours His word through signs, wonders, and manifestations of the gifts.


We believe that the family is the first foundation of God's established order and the cornerstone of God's government. The family is being torn apart when each member seeks to find their own fulfillment in a thousand different directions. It is our belief that a genuine church with a variety of programs and a full schedule is a tremendous unifier of the family and the only foundation for a real move of God. While having a full program to reach and minister to children, we feel that the key to the family is the parents. The Bible emphasizes the adult's responsibility regarding their commitment to God. If the parents are disciples of Jesus; the children will be also.

Maturity through Lifestyle: Jesus looked for those who were dedicated to following Him. In two thousand years the seriousness of the church towards being discipled has deteriorated. It is our goal as a church to learn and live the truths of Scripture. We live in the last days and an hour when the most exciting challenge in life is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The members of our churches are not satisfied to be "hearers only" but desire to be "doers of the Word of God". They come faithfully, give joyously, worship fervently, and witness loyally. They have found Jesus Christ to be "... the same yesterday, today, and forever."


Discipleship is the shaping of an individual's destiny. Each church in the New Testament copied Jesus' method of calling those whom God had chosen and training them through example and release. The book of Acts demonstrates the powerful impact that is possible to those who take Jesus' command and pattern seriously. Our vision is the restoration of the Biblical pattern of church growth. In the past few years over a thousand churches have been started by this method. In each of the Fellowship churches, there is a fulfilling of Christ's command to make disciples. We believe that the church needs to be released. We believe in the functioning of the nine gifts of the Spirit and we challenge members of the church to find the full expression and release of their lives in whatever manner God wills.

Prayer: Daily prayer is a normal part of all of our churches. This is the way of battle for the Christian. Robbed of prayer, the church is robbed of power, direction and divine presence. We know that the kingdom is built by God's power, not man's. That is why we place emphasis on touching and releasing God.

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